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In-person appointments Wednesdays and Thursdays in Nashville at 210 25th Ave North, Suite #1220

To request an appointment email or call (615) 266-3045.

Service Details

* Compatibility visit 

      This service is available to new clients and serves as an opportunity to meet each other to see if we are a good fit. You will direct this 25 minute visit. It is your opportunity to ask questions, discuss your expectations, and generally get a feel for what it will be like to work together. We will not thoroughly unpack any topics that are better addressed in a therapy appointment. This is a good option for people who are new to mental health treatment, unsure about working with me, or any other version of testing the waters before diving into the big intake appointment.


* Initial intake for therapy services 

     In this 2 hour appointment, we will spend 110 minutes talking face to face. This is the first step for most therapy clients. The first part of the appointment will be focused on your background and history. This will help me get to know you, and bring me up to speed with your current circumstances. Then, we will talk in-depth about what brings you to seek services, aspects of your life impacting your current state, and expectations or goals for treatment. In some cases, a 1 hour appointment is more appropriate.

* Initial intake for medication management services

     In this 2 hour appointment, we will spend 110 minutes talking face-to-face. This is an appointment to discuss your background and history in general and pertaining to your mental health symptoms. If you have received a mental health diagnosis in the past, we will discuss the circumstances surrounding this diagnosis and whether you agree or disagree with this diagnosis. Any medicines that you have previously tried will be discussed. We will also talk about any family members who have received a mental health diagnosis or are suspected to have mental health challenges, and treatments that they have tried. The experiences of your family members are their own and do not determine your individual treatment. However, their experiences may help inform the choices we make for your treatment plan. 

     Additionally, specific focus will be given to your lifestyle patterns such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, substance use, work/life balance, and participation in fulfilling activity as these are important factors in whole picture wellness. Like a therapy intake, this appointment is an opportunity to address the symptoms that bring you to seek medication management, aspects of your life impacting your current state, and expectations or goals for treatment.


* Individual therapy appointments 

     Most appointments will be 1 therapeutic hour, 2 hour appointments are also available. All sessions include non-face-to-face clinical time. A 1 hour therapeutic session is 50 minutes of face-to-face time, a 2 hour session is 110minutes of face-to-face time. Individual therapy is an opportunity for growth, insight, clarity, and guidance. I strive to create a trusting, non-judgmental environment where you feel safe being vulnerable and authentic. We may identify problematic thought and/or behavior patterns, aspects of your environment that are unnecessarily burdensome, and opportunities for change or adaptation. You may learn or further develop stress management tactics, relaxation techniques, coping skills, emotion identification, emotional vocabulary, boundary creation and maintenance, communication skills, and your personal narrative. Each individual client's services are highly tailored to their specific needs. The goal is to get you to the place where your burdens become manageable and you are thriving in whole picture wellness.

* Medication management appointments

     Most appointments will be 1 therapeutic hour. All sessions include non-face-to-face clinical time. A 1 hour appointment will be 50 minutes of face-to-face time. These appointments will be used to discuss how effectively your medications are working for your symptoms. This is a time to make decisions about doses, address any side effects that you may be experiencing, refill prescriptions, and make changes to medications if necessary. We may utilize lab work, symptom scales, supplements, a psychiatric genetic panel, and/or therapeutic techniques in an effort to treat your symptoms to remission with the fewest medications at the lowest effective doses.


* Medication consultation for yourself or your child

     This consultation service is available to anyone who has questions about medications. This service is a good option if you: are wondering whether treatment with medications is appropriate for you or your child, have questions about the potential risks and benefits of medications, feel like you do not get enough time to talk to your medication prescriber and have further questions, wonder if there are non-medicine treatments that have not been suggested to you or your child, are interested in discussing a plan for reducing psychiatric polypharmacy (reducing the number of mental health medications that you are taking), or any other medication related topic.

  The consultation service consists of an initial intake appointment, symptom rating scales and screeners to be completed at home, a scales & screeners interpretation and plan development appointment, and follow-up appointments as necessary. A document summarizing the findings and plan may be made available for an additional fee. 


* Psychiatric genetic panel interpretation

     This service is available to clients seeking information about how their body interacts with medications. A collection kit will be sent to your home. You will swab the inside of your mouth with a cotton swab and return the sample to the company for analysis. There will be a fee paid to the company that differs depending on your insurance policy. I have no financial connections with any genetic testing companies. 

     Psychiatric genetic testing cannot provide a diagnosis, nor can it identify the 1 specific medication that will work for you. However, we can discuss what these results mean for you, how they can inform treatment choices, how effectively your body is processing medications, and answer any questions that you may have about your psychiatric panel.

* Crisis appointment 

     Established clients may need to request a crisis appointment. This service is not available for new clients. If you are a current client experiencing a crisis and need to be seen imminently, you can call or email me to request a crisis appointment. This is not an emergency service. See Office Policies for emergency protocols. I will respond to requests for crisis appointments during office hours. If it is necessary that you be seen for an appointment outside of available appointment time slots, the session will be billed as a crisis appointment. If there is an open appointment time slot, you will be scheduled in the first available appointment and will be billed for an individual therapy appointment or medication management appointment (not a crisis appointment).

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