In general, services are $250/hour. For a detailed description of each service, refer to the Services page. 

Questions? Email me at Ellie@LiveOakMentalHealth.com

**Note - A therapeutic hour consists of 50 minutes of face-to-face time and 10 minutes for completion of necessary services related to your care that are not face-to-face such as documentation, billing, compiling resources to send to you, sending a note to your PCP, etc.


Payment for service is due at the time of service. You can provide payment by cash, check, credit card, HSA card, ACH transfer, Venmo, or PayPal. Fees incurred between appointments, are due within 30 days of the service provided or the missed appointment.


Insurance, of any kind, is not accepted. You may find it beneficial to choose to keep your information, such as diagnosis and procedure codes, private from your insurance carrier. Your insurance policy may provide reimbursement for “out-of-network” services to help offset the cost of appointments. Consult your individual policy for specifics. If your insurance policy does reimburse for out-of-network providers, it is your responsibility to file claims for reimbursement. You will need to contact your insurance carrier to request instructions for how to file your claim and make arrangements for them to reimburse you directly. Upon request, a statement of service with the clinical codes and diagnostic codes necessary to file an out-of-network claim with your insurance carrier will be provided for you.

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